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March 17
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. : MMD : . Hello, Good Night Miku -Download- by Pachiimeru . : MMD : . Hello, Good Night Miku -Download- by Pachiimeru
She don't have some expensive faciais, or a great rig, it's a really
simple model, i spend a long time making she, but in proud of her result,
so i wanted to put up for download, have fun~ >www<


:bulletred:Credit me, please, it's not necessary credit 1000000000 times, only one it's good.
:bulletgreen:Don't use for R-18 or Pervert thing whet, i don't want nothing about that with my model~
:bulletred:Not for commercial use plz, don't sell prints using she....
:bulletgreen:Edit is not allowed, please, respect, i an working hard to make that model the better for you's pals~
:bulletred:Don't redistribute she, if you want, give the link for here~
:bulletgreen:Thank you for download she !!!!

Download is on the right, aka deviantart download button --->

. : Credits : .

-Model made by me
-Clothes idea and original side by Sega(c), PDF
-Original Model by Animasa
-Base by Kanimasa
-Clothes original by mitsuru-aga
-Antenna, Leg Bracelet & Hair accessory modeled by me
-Collar by Atakinomon
-Hair acessory tex by cookiesempai
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Let's do this xD
This'll be a quite detailed critique of the model so it's a bit long |3

Overall, for an Animasa model, it looks great, pretty accurate from the module it's based on. The preview picture/pose is great as well~ The transparency on the hair was a nice touch, a very nice touch. The spa on the box thingies on her hair gives it an effect to shimmer when the camera (in MMD) is moved and that's pretty nice. The textures are made well, too.
I think it's just me but I find the white part of her clothes too bright or something. It matches with MMD's default background color making it too bright for those who have weak eyes. But I think you shouldn't be too bothered about this~

Clean. Very clean I must say. This goes the same for the invisible bones. The bone groups are very well maintained and there's no unregistered bone. The only fault is the order of bone groups because the "Center" group is at the very end. It should be at the top, but it's not much of a bother.

Physics and Joints
Clean as well. The only thing that's bothering me is the lack of skirt physics. But I understand why it doesn't have any so I guess it's okay~

Miscellaneous Stuff (Rigging, Materials, and Objects)
Screenshots included
Rigging is okay. The shoulder rigging is quite rough but it's not that noticeable.
The rigging on the skirt is okay as well but this maybe a problem ->
The objects aren't merged very well. The spa shows the flaws ->
Finally, I found a disadvantage with the transparent hair when self-shadow's off ->
Also, some of the model's material names are the same which may cause some problems in the future.

Overall, it's a great model and recommended to Animasa model collectors. Can be used for pictures but has a disadvantage for videos.

There are some things I didn't mention 'cause I only focused on those things~
This is just a critique, please don't let it affect you too much :3

I hope this helps youuu <3
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